lördag 17 april 2021


I had started printing out my ”promenade pictures”, as working prints on a nice but not spectacular paper I got free from my friend Barry Dworkin. I let these prints, they were not bad just not spectacular, lie around and looked at them from time to time. Then I picked out a series that I printed out on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, which unfortunately was not free. Somehow I was not satisfied, they looked like any old good print. 
Then towards the beginning of summer from my friends Jessica and Janne at Bildformatet a very good printing establishment in Uppsala (they do all my color work) I got some spill paper, the result of cutting some larger arks to size. As Winston Churchill said ”all printing paper should be free” (well, he would’ve said it if he printed instead of drinking champagne.) So I gave it a try. It wasn’t easy. It is not a paper made for printing photographs and the first results were muddy and I let the mud lay over the summer. 
In September I tried again and ended up subjecting the paper to many extreme indignities, both physical and digital and I started getting the results I wanted. Not only that, the paper fitted my view of what the pictures should look like exactly. A real Hollywood ending! By the way I later learned that the paper is Rives Tradition Pale Cream 170 gram, so it has a better pedigree than I do!